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Lead IT Infrastructure engineer

Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Mobility: Nationwide
Sectors: Military, Construction, Naval, Security, Aviation, Energy
Armed Forces experience: 8 years – British Army

Commercial Experience

Commercial Experience: Since leaving the Armed Forces, our candidate has more than 20 years experience in setting up various communications infrastructures for organisations in the private security, oil and gas, maritime and aviation sectors. This includes working on and offshore, both in the UK and internationally. Our candidate has extensive experience working with satellite and radio comms (UHF and VHF), wifi, meteorological and security systems & ECM. Our candidate is very much a generalist and is experienced in managing teams both directly and through sub-contract relationships to install and implement complex and multi-functional communications systems.

Supply chain/Procurement Lead

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Mobility: Edinburgh, Lothians
Sectors: Energy, Defence
Armed Forces experience: 21 years – Royal Navy

Commercial Experience

Commercial Experience: My candidate has extensive supply chain experience from both a military and civilian career. He has worked with localised and global supply chains, primarily in the offshore energy sectors. He commenced his career in logistics and progressed into supply chain and procurement both within the Armed Forces and since leaving. My candidate has been involved at every stage of the process from sourcing suppliers, being involved in tendering and proposals analysis to negotiation of contracts and prices to secure the best outcome for his organisation. Previous successes include savings into the £millions through astute cost management, gaining reimbursements of £200K through rigorous contract review.

As a Lean Six Sigma practitioner, my candidate is adept at identifying inefficiencies and waste and improving the reliability and responsiveness of procurement and supply chain processes and teams.

My candidate is comfortable using Oracle based systems as well as SalesForce and I-Supplier. Professional accreditation includes Chartered Membership of CILT and CIPS.

Operations Director/ Chief Operations Officer

Location: Fife, Scotland
Mobility: Perth & Kinross, Edinburgh, West Lothian, Clackmannanshire
Sectors: Military, Defence, Energy, Transport. Comms/ICT
Armed Forces experience: 24 years – British Army

Commercial Experience

Commercial Experience: Our executive level candidate has extensive commercial leadership experience with a demonstrable record of leading, evolving, challenging and growing diverse teams of 200+ personnel. They are comfortable with strategic and operational planning, resourcing, implementing and overseeing a plethora of major deployments and countless operational projects globally and domestically, with values exceeding £100m per annum. This is a commercially astute candidate with experience of P&L management, tenders and contracts.

As a Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Prince and Lean practitioner, our candidate has a vast array of skills to offer a growing organisation. Having successfully delivered results in 3 different industries, our candidate has proven his adaptability to transfer best practice across organisations and would prove a highly useful addition to the strategic leadership team of your organisation.

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