Do you struggle to recruit? Have you found it challenging to find employees with the right skills and behaviours to help your organisation grow and develop?


If so, Joint Force Alba could help. We work exclusively with candidates from the Armed Forces, who are committed, diligent and multi-skilled, who are looking for a new role in Scotland.


We join forces with organisations to help fill your recruitment vacancies with exceptionally talented Armed Forces candidates. Ex-Forces candidates can bring unique skills and experience to your organisation. These can relieve skills shortages and improve your organsation’s performance.


Service leavers, Veterans and Reserve Forces candidates are able to analyse information and make effective decisions quickly, adapt to changing situations effectively and work successfully under pressure. They bring extensive experience in both technical disciplines and leadership and people management.


With our blend of HR and recruitment expertise as well as careers in the Forces ourselves, we know what we are talking about.  Let us help you capitalise on this talent pool to support your business.


We know that one size doesn’t fit all so we offer a range of recruitment solutions to suit your organisation. We offer special rates to fellow Veteran owned businesses and military charities.

Get in touch to find out how recruiting ex Armed Forces could benefit you and your team.

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Joint Force Alba Recruitment

Partnering organisations across Scotland with exceptionally talented people from an Armed Forces background.

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Ex-Military Recruitment Specialists based in Scotland