How an ex-Armed Forces candidate can help your business manage HSE

Looking at the ex Armed Forces community might not be where you first consider looking for your next HSE hire. However, there is a huge amount of transferable skill and experience for many ex-Forces into HSE.


Believe it or not, the Armed Forces are a very safety conscious culture. That’s despite the often life and limb threatening situations that military personnel work in. In many respects, that makes Forces personnel even more aware of other forms of threats to health and safety. So as a mindset and way of thinking, HSE management is an easy transition. Armed Forces learn from early on in their career about risk analysis and perception. They are often doing dynamic risk assessments as they operate in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments that change quickly.


Moreover, the types of roles and experience that many ex-Forces personnel have had, lend themselves to a career in HSE management. Some have worked in trades where additional HSE measures must be considered such as engineering, construction and communications infrastructure. Moreover, they may have already worked in what we would term an HSE advisory role, particularly those in leadership positions. Even if someone hasn’t been in engineering, construction or comms type roles, many will have worked in process driven environments, developing procedures and enabling others to follow those procedures. They will often have overcome substantial change resistance in doing so, developing excellent stakeholder management skills in the process.


Along with developing procedures, those in leadership positions will likely have been involved in auditing activities and processes. As a result, they will be familiar with the detailed requirements and planning involved in audits. Additionally, the vast majority of ex Armed Forces will have worked in harsh environments previously. So site based HSE roles based outside or in austere environments will not be a challenge.


As a result of this experience, ex-Forces can gain IOSH and NEBOSH qualifications, either whilst still in the Forces or after leaving. Personnel can also achieve Health and Safety Lead Auditor for ISO standards including ISO 9001 and ISO45001 amongst others

So, if this sounds like it could be useful for your business, get in touch with us today. Find out how our pipeline of exceptionally talented Armed Forces candidates could give you peace of mind for your business.