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How can ex-Armed Forces support my business?

Before Christmas, our Director published a series of articles on LinkedIn which explored how ex-Armed Forces can transfer their skills to a variety of industries and sectors. They covered Cyber security, ICT, logistics, communications, construction and engineering. These sectors were focused on due to the recognition of the recruitment challenges due to skills shortages in these key industries.

The articles explore how the experience and skills developed, alongside the qualifications gained, can make an ex-Armed Forces candidate a great choice for your next hire. The articles highlight the skills which are transferable to the civilian sector. They also highlight the surprising amount of cross-over between military and civilian operations.

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How ex-Forces can help connect your ICT business to greater growth.

How ex-Forces can help drive your logistics business forward.


We have excellent candidates across all of these areas who are looking for new roles. Get in touch today to find out how ex-Armed Forces could be part of your recruitment solution.