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How could ex-Forces support your project management?

Over the past year, we’re sure you have seen how the Armed Forces have supported the UK’s COVID response. You may have interacted with military personnel at a COVID testing centre or been vaccinated by a military medic. Alongside these visible activities, the Armed Forces have also supported the response from behind the scenes; project managing hospital builds, PPE distribution and vaccine roll-outs. This is because the skills and behaviours of many ex-Forces, make them excellent project managers. This article focuses on how the combination of attributes of ex-Forces can support you to solve resourcing issues around project management.


There is a lot of cross-over between military planning/ operational methods & project management, Scrum & Agile. In fact, Scrum was developed by a US Air Force pilot. So it is a natural choice for many Armed Forces as a 2nd career. Due to their experience, when leaving the services, ex-Forces can already have qualifications and certifications in project management:

  • Prince 2,
  • APM Project Management,
  • Agile Project Management Foundation and Practitioner,
  • APMG Change Management,
  • Management of Risk Foundation and Practitioner; and/or
  • ILM Level 5 Certificate in Service Improvement



Alongside these, many will leave the Forces with numerous examples of times they’ve had to be creative and innovative with materials, knowledge and technical skills to facilitate operations and strategic objectives where resource availability is scarce. It is highly likely that they will have worked in multi-national environments. They will have balanced different cultures and working practices diplomatically, whilst not sacrificing their own high standards. Additionally, many will have worked on projects in austere working environments, away from friends, family and traditional support networks.

One of the biggest reasons ex-Forces have so much success in project management is their ability to get people to work together as a team. Depending on seniority at leaving, they will have received extensive training in people management and development and team leadership. Moreover, they will have developed excellent stakeholder and contract management skills. This can be from working internationally with allies, working with 3rd party agencies including the civil service and private sector contractors.

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So not only do ex-Forces have unique experience and extensive, high-quality training behind them, they also have behaviours which can set them apart from other candidates. If this sounds like it could have potential for your business, get in touch with us today to see how our pipeline of exceptionally talented Armed Forces candidates could manage your projects efficiently and commercially.