Job interview

How to ace your next job interview

Last week, we interviewed a candidate who pretty much aced her client interview. So what did she do to leave such a good impression and ultimately get the job offer?


The candidate had clearly prepared for the interview through extensive research on the client and the role. They had a thorough understanding of what the business did and, critically, how they did it. They had read not only the client’s website but other sources to gain as much information about the business as possible. Moreover, the candidate had conducted a self-analysis against the job profile. They knew what strengths they could offer that the client was looking for and they appreciated weaknesses in their experience and skill-set.

Understanding business need

As a result of this research, the candidate could answer questions which anticipated the client’s needs. Yes, the candidate made some assumptions about business operations. But in doing so, they demonstrated that they had thought about how they could best support the business in the role. The candidate showed how they could create solutions for the client. Moreover, she prepared answers for questions where she wasn’t as strong. She answered the question then bridged the answer to what she could do instead, relating to the job profile. Consequently, she promoted all her strengths and competencies relevant to what the client was looking for.

Standard Operating

The candidate arrived suitably early (10 minutes) and was dressed professionally. She was calm and quietly confident on the outside but was open and friendly in her approach.

Hopefully this case study provides some tips or considerations for you to support you in your next interview. Joint Force Alba: Joining forces with organisations in Scotland to recruit exceptional talent from the Armed Forces. For more information, get in touch with the team today or follow us on Social media: LinkedIn Twitter.