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Why are ex-Forces any different to other candidates?

The business environment is a very different place to what is was 6 months ago. We’ve all been dealing with change at a relentless pace in our personal and business lives. But some of the changes we’re seeing are for the better. So perhaps it’s time to diversify your talent sources. What about recruiting from the Armed Forces?

Work Ethic

We asked our clients what Forces candidates had brought to their organisation. Whilst the words may be diverse, the unifying theme is that it is about attitude and behaviours.

These are very difficult to teach or indeed change over the lifespan of a single employment period.

The training, culture and environment that Forces personnel both exposed to and live and breathe develops these behaviours further. These men and women can be living and working in very close proximity, in high intensity situations, for long time periods. So if you want people who understand team work, who collaborate and work constructively through conflict, then consider recruiting from the Forces.


The military is an organisation focused on doing – it is renowned as a task focused organisation. Often, it requires it’s people to work at pace and have a sense of urgency. The military has not escaped cuts to Government budgets. It is having to do more with the same, or more with less resource. If you’re looking for people who will commit to their work, focus on delivery and outputs and bring their colleagues and customers along with them, then consider recruiting from the Forces.

Soft skills

The military also requires it’s people to be able to and comfortable with adapting quickly to changing situations. Even it’s most basic of planning processes requires leaders and decision makers to consider how the situation has changed since they first started planning. It then requires it’s leaders and decision makers to have a plan b, c, d and e. Or at least to have prepared responses to potential changes in the situation. So if you’re looking for people who can stay calm in a crisis, think quickly and are decisive in complex and uncertain situations, then consider recruiting from the Forces.

Training level, quality and quantity

Additionally, the training that Forces personnel receive is hugely varied. In many cases, it would also be expensive to deliver in the civilian marketplace. Thankfully, the military are getting much better at having their training mapped via professional organisations such as ILM, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and City and Guilds. So it’s much easier now than even 5 years ago to see what level certain training has been at.

Typically, someone coming out as a Cpl in the Army, RAF and Royal Marines could have a NVQ L3 award. A Captain or Warrant Officer could have a Bachelors or Masters degree level of training at Level 7. This can be as applicable to the Reserve elements as much as full-time. So if you want highly qualified, well-trained people to join your business, then consider recruiting from the Forces.

For more information, get in touch today. We’d be delighted to talk through what our Forces candidates can offer your business.