Why your business should employ a Veteran to recover from COVID19.

Coronavirus has caught many people, organisations and Governments off guard this year. As a result, we are experiencing unprecedented control measures including nationwide lockdowns. Unsurprisingly, these have had huge negative impacts on many businesses and national economies. Within Scotland, GDP is expected to fall by 12% over 2020.

We acknowledge that this global pandemic has also impacted hiring and growth plans for many organisations currently. However, as we start to see glimmers of light from the end of the long COVID tunnel, as a business leader you’ll want to position your business to be in as strong a position as possible. We argue that you should strongly consider bringing an Armed Forces Veteran into your business to help you do that.


Military leaders have some incredible planning and strategy development experience. You can see this as military planners are deployed to assist the NHS plan and coordinate their response to the pandemic. It’s highly likely that your 2020 plan has had to be ripped up. An Armed Forces veteran will be a hugely useful asset to you to generate your new plans.

The UK Armed Forces invests tens of thousands of pounds into training it’s leaders. The UK’s military academies and leadership training courses are regarding as some of the best in the world. UK Armed Forces veterans can lead diverse teams, in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations. They can build teams quickly to perform tasks needed. They can operate in culturally diverse environments where stakeholder management can literally mean life or death. As a result, they are intelligent communicators and can convey complex or technical information to non-technical people easily.


Military leaders are rational in a crisis. They are objective, logical, and focused whilst the world falls apart around them. Maybe we are not so much in crisis mode at the moment. But there are still many organisations struggling to figure out what to do in the short, medium, and long-term. Unlike many other previous economic shocks, COVID19 has affected all industries and all countries to varying extents. So no-one has much of an advantage over others. The secret to success moving forward, is being bold and shaping the environment to suit our resources and abilities. This is a key piece of military training – to find the advantage in any situation.

Military leaders are flexible and agile and can quickly adapt to rapidly changing situations. They don’t get too hung up when the situation and priorities change. At the same time, military leaders handle change management activities effectively. Their leadership abilities mean that they can garner support for change amongst a reluctant audience and bring people with them, rather than force change upon people.

For organisations coming out of this economic shock, employing an Armed Forces veteran makes good business sense. To find out how Joint Force Alba could help you access the exceptional talent of Armed Forces veterans, get in touch. We are open for business and will be delighted to have a virtual tea or coffee with you.